Why Do We Need A Dental X-Ray?

Why Do We Need A Dental X-Ray?

The care of our mouth and teeth is a top priority for our overall health.  When we have a strong and healthy mouth, we have a strong and healthy body.  If we don’t take care of our mouth our breath will start to stink, our teeth will begin to decay, and we will just start to look and feel out of sorts.

One way that we can ensure that we are feeling and looking good is to go to the dentist for a standard exam.  Through this exam the dentist will perform a dental x ray in Tacoma.  This x-ray is important because it will show the dentist any issues that are going on in your mouth that he can’t see with the naked eye.

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Taking care of your teeth

The process of taking care of your teeth starts with basic brushing and flossing.  When we brush our teeth, we are using an abrasive surface, our toothbrush to start removing particles and germs from out teeth.  When this is done, these particles can’t attack the enamel that is on our teeth protecting the inner lining. 

After brushing we will use floss.  Floss is used to remove particles of food that may have become lodged between the teeth.  We will use the floss to move in between the spaces between our teeth and grab it with the floss.  Once complete we can throw the floss and discarded food particles away.


Finally, we will use mouthwash to kill all the remaining germs and bacteria from our mouth.  Most mouthwashes are made with a level of alcohol which is designed to kill the germs.  When using mouthwash try not to swallow any of it.  You want to take a cap full and swish it around in your mouth. After a minute or so spit it out into the sink and then wash your mouth out with a small cup of water.