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The Worst and Shortest Advice I Ever Gave

Published on May 27, 2012, by

This is another interesting case (in 2008) from a client, Sharon.

“I have been in a relationship for 10 months and I have health problems and deal with alot of emotional problems. This guy has a very busy life and he is also homeless so we have both these issues coming up in the relationship and it is very hard. He does work it is just not enough to get by on. And I don’t have alot of money because of the health issues.

“I wind up getting irritable and not accepting what he has to offer sometimes and he don’t accept mind I know when we are together it is great it is just when we are apart we argue when we are apart but when we are together it is great. Also because of my health problems I don’t get out of the house alot so I send way to many emails and he reads them at work. Now I think he dumped me he has not called in days and it was my birthday and he did not call me but he seen me the sunday before and was very nice and hung up a wreath I made him and he has not called me since and it is friday did he dump me?”

Since he is homeless a myriad of things could have happened to prevent him from contacting you. I’d like to think that after 10 months anyone (male or female) would have the courtesy to at least say in some form (spoken, written word) that it’s over rather then just go silent.

Would you be able to casually call his work and make sure he’s been coming in, not having called in or sick or anything? I wouldn’t want you calling and freaking anyone out.

If you are able to confirm that he is alive and well, but has chosen not to contact you for whatever reason…then count your lucky stars you found out now who he really is as a man. Take the lessons you’ve learned and carry on.

This is the best advice I could give her since she was pretty pessimistic, it was hard to even talk normally with her.

However, I hope she’s been fine now.

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