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How a Blendtec Blender Changes Everything

Published on September 11, 2017, by

I’m sure your first response to seeing the title was “huh? A blender?”. Yes, a blender. But not just any blender, a Blendtec blender! And yes it really can change everything.

Relationship is everything. In order to have a good relationship with yourself and others requires good self care. Good self care requires good habits and good health. A Blendtec provides an easy means for good health.

Good Relationship = Good Self Care = Good Health = A Blendtec Blender

Got it?

So on with how a Blendtec blender can provide you with good health. These are not your ordinary blender. With over three horsepower and 1800 watts these baby are a technological wonder. They not only have blades and power, they also have brains. Good for you delicious creations are as simple as one, two, three.

The blender does it all with a push of a button.

ONE: have a recipe.
TWO: put ingredients in the blending jar.
THREE: push a button. DONE.

It really is that simple. The engineers at Blendtec have it all figured out. Depending upon the model, you can have as many as six specially designed program cycles. Each on designed for specific types of recipes. That begs the question, So I can only make six things in it? Absolutely not. First of all you can make many things with each program, not just one. But more importantly, you don’t have to use the program blend cycles for everything. You actually have complete control over blending how you want with the old fashioned speed control.

You ask yourself – So what, how many mixed drinks and smoothies would I want to make to justify the price? Oh… that’s where the best part comes in. Yes, yes, you can make amazing mixed drinks and the best, the smoothest smoothies on the planet and you can make so much more. How about a hot soup? That’s right, make hot soup in your blender. No stove-top needed. Or what about some ice cream. Or nut butters and nut milks. How about you mix pizza dough or kneed bread. All those things can be done and more. Make your own popsicles (no, the Blendtec blender does not freeze it but you can make any flavor you want with only the exact healthy ingredients you wish).

Are you getting the picture now. The health part comes in as fresh, whole, healthy ingredients, instead of processed, chemical packaged ingredients. Not only that, but the power of the Blendtec can break down cell walls of the food ingredients. That means that all of teh live, active nutrition inside the cell walls are ready for your body to use, which otherwise are not accessible because the walls are too strong for your body to break them down.

Are you convinced yet – do you see the connection? Having the ultimate food prep tool, a Blendtec, allows you to create the most healthy meals for you, your partner, and your family. A healthy body allows for a healthy mind which allows for a healthy relationship. We’ve all heard the ole adage “You are what you eat”. It is more true than you realize. Eating packaged crap makes you packaged crap which translates to crap relationships ultimately. Every relationship counselor should have a background, or at least a solid education, of food and nutrition. It all starts there – period.

So go ahead and check out a Blendtec, you will thank me for it and more importantly, you will thank yourself.

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