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Heart-Felt Prayer is Always Worthwhile

Published on June 15, 2012, by

I think for most people the image that comes to my mind when we talk of God “listening” to prayer is that of a God outside of the praying person – an all-powerful God who is separate from the person but hearing the prayer.

Well I don’t believe in a God that is outside. I believe in a God that is inside of me and everyone else. Think of it as an unlimited Mind that exists everywhere in time and space. We are all part of this Over Mind which can be compared to a vast network. By the law of its nature, the Over Mind reflects back to us based on our emotion laden thoughts or prayers.

In the modern world of technological advances and medical breakthroughs, many people question the validity and the power of prayer to heal – but it has been definitely shown to assist in healing. Research has been undertaken exploring the positive effects of prayer. An article in the “Annals of Internal Medicine” in 2000 reported on 23 studies of various distant-healing techniques including energy and spiritual healing.

One investigation, conducted between 1982 and 1983, drew a lot of attention. Some 393 patients in the San Francisco General Hospital’s coronary care unit participated in a double-blind study to assess the therapeutic healing effects of prayer. One group was prayed for, while the others were not. The patients who were prayed for had fewer cardiopulmonary resuscitations performed and were less dependent on life-support systems and medicine. Of all the results, the most remarkable was that there were fewer deaths among those patients that were prayed for.

Another study, conducted by a scientist, Dr. Franklin Loehr, proved that seeds that were prayed over produced quicker germination and healthier plants. Those that were not prayed over had stunted growth, and in some plants, germination didn’t even take place. The experiments were repeated several times with the same result.

Hopefully, in the future more studies will be carried out to show how the power of prayer can assist with healing, not just in the body, but in the mind and soul as well. We can all tap into the power of the universal Source that sustains us.

Prayer, whether spoken or unspoken, is communication with God, or what I refer to as the Over Mind. Simply put, when you pray, you connect. It’s a way for human beings to develop a relationship with the Source. Such a connection can benefit our lives on many other levels in addition to healing.

Remember there’s always one Person that cares about you, no matter who you are or what your personal circumstances are. That Person (God) wants to respond to you and your needs, but there is a little problem here. It’s crucial for the freethinker to understand that God or the Source is Not omnipotent. Its power has an inherent limitation. The Source is limited to reflecting back to us. In other words, if you desire help or guidance from the Source, you must first initiate the communication. Praying enables you to forge a relationship with something that you’re unable to see but which is truly there nonetheless.

When I pray, I ask to be merged with the Divine Source and to feel its presence in my heart. But remember, the Source doesn’t care how you pray as long as you do so from your heart. By doing so, you’ll develop a loving relationship wherein your soul and the Source connect in spiritual union, bringing you comfort, inspiration, and strength.

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