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Fool Lover or Wise Loner?

Published on June 6, 2012, by

You have and will continue to do very well in life I think. Effective communication is the ability to cross layers, to speak to different layers at once, to leap from the general to the specific, to pass the needle from the side of thought to the side of feeling.

Put yourself on the level of what you observe: look into its eyes.

Drop on your knee when ever you talk to the child. Children impress each other with their aspirations,the elderly with their accomplishments, and adults with their daily doings.

The dramatic thunderstorms in life comes and goes, but a steady rain fills the barrel. They are like little mirrors and often mimick what they experience. Often this frightens the parent’s though most don’t understand why.

When my children were younger, age five or six, sometimes they would return from school asking me how to sing well like you dad? (I used to be a singing coach, not bragging 🙂 ), or from their playing with a friend and maybe utter words or trashy phrases learned.

I would inhale deeply and say wow I smell trash, time to dump it out.

I would play the loud noisy and squeaking breaks of the trash truck, whose strong arms reach down grasping their waist, then lift them over my head upside down and pretend to noisily gently shake out the trash from their little heads. Then place them again purposefully yet gently on their feet again. Then I would smell their hair, Ahh all fresh and clean, go back and play now, receiving a dimpled smile or smurk.

At first this scared and even freaked them out a bit. True gentleness is best experienced from strong hands and arms. Later when they overcame there fear and made a game of it, they learned next to having to stand and wait for some time period before the truck again came around…

Intellectual cleanliness too is a constant yet overlooked or forgotten effort for most. For often, as it is above in the head,so it is also below in the heart and hands. Thus it is too possible we each could create singularly our own heavens or hells. The apples of my eyes I could never pluck out for I truly adore them all,do I love too much? Very well then,I love to much! I would rather be the lover’s fool then to be the wise and totally alone… This is just the kind of choice I would make.

It is amazing how your choices affect the lives of others around you. People are creatures of habit and do what they see, and say what they hear. It is so easy to fall into a cycle. Usually, if a child witnesses a loveless relationship, they in turn get into a loveless relationship. Then their child does the same thing. It is easy to blame your parents or your up bringing, but it is harder to break the cycle.

People need to break the cycle and stop blaming others for their problems. It is good to recognize where the problem comes from, but don’t use it as an excuse.

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