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Can the Sales of Black Friday and Cyber Monday Save a Relationship

Published on November 23, 2015, by

When tough times hit women tend to turn to shopping to feel better. Men generally look to other things such as exercise or a night out with the guys. Can shopping save a relationship? What about those special shopping days such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Not only are they typically extra special on the savings but they kick of the holiday times when folks pay more attention to what matters such as caring for one another.

When a woman, it can as easily be a man but that is less common, takes off to make purchases of the heart during the super sales of Holiday retail kick-off of Black Friday how does it really affect a relationship that is strained or in trouble? I think we can all agree that the actual purchases can make a major difference. Self-serving buys such as jewelry and clothes probably won’t do much to repair or grow a relationship but there are a few that can really make a difference.

What if the purchase was something that could benefit both partners? What if a purchase could help change the life of not only the relationship but each individual. I am referring to a purchase such as a Vitamix Black Friday. Now this is the kind of purchase that can make a woman feel really good about herself but it can also take a relationship to a new level. A new level of improved health and well-being.

The point of all this is that yes, spur of the moment shopping can be beneficial to any relationship especially when it takes into consideration the whole of the relationship and the betterment of each one’s health and quality of life. So don’t say NO to a Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopping spree. Just take a moment to consider what you are buying and to what ends it can contribute to the relationship beyond the “feel good”. And don’t worry, if you missed the big sales, you can still purchase a health altering blender with a Vitamix code.

Happy Healthy Shopping!

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