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What Happens to a Marriage that Begins with Adultery? Here’s My View

Published on October 29, 2012, by

Some people keep asking me “What happens to a marriage that begins with adultery?” In other words what happens to the cheating spouse that cheated on you and goes off and marries again? Will they be blessed? Will they succeed?

Well, only God knows our hearts of course. If you take revenge against that spouse with your own fire, then the possibility of God not avenging you does exist i think. Nevertheless, there are consequences to adultery one way or another.

Let me give you an example. A murderer who gets sentenced to life in prison can receive Jesus and be forgiven and also recieve all the “possible” benefits within his “jail system or consequence” that God has to offer him. BUT, that doesn’t mean he is going to be released by the law. Remember that those that are without Christ/grace are bound to the law and the consequences of the law. Even if the cheating spouse is a so-called Christian once they enter the realm of sin they are bound by the law and are heading toward death. So the prisoner is not released from life in prison, but he is forgiven. Likewise the cheating spouse will be forgiven and allowed to come back to God, but he/she willl have to face the consequences of their adultery. No adulterous relationship goes unpunished because this is definetely not God’s plan. Apart from that, God hates divorce, but Jesus said except for marital unfaithfulness a man must not divorce his wife. So unfaithfulness must stand out really bad in the eyes of God if this is the one and only way that a man can get a divorce even in the New Testament (the Grace period).

Another analogy: You jump from the empire state building but half way down you truly repent and ask for forgiveness and really don’t want to die now. Ok, the law of gravity will not turn around for you. You will be crushed and you will die, although God will forgive you for your sin you still pay the consequence.

God always forgives when we ask with a sincere heart and yes we can pay lifelong consequences for wrongs in our past, but it is important to not limit Him in our own thinking. He can take that negative thing and bring something positive and healing out of it that we could never imagine and restore what we in our sin destroyed.

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