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Bail Bondsmen And The Due Process

It is nothing like you see in a crime movie or TV show although it could be acknowledged that certain of these shows do go on to present authentic versions of the day to day realities of the bail bondsman’s work. There should be no corruption or money changing hands for a hardened criminal. The reality could very well be that such criminals are already beyond the reach of bail bondsmen and women. But these real folks do carry firearms, just like you see them do on your favorite cop shows.

Be that as it may, it remains the case that on the city level, Sacramento Bail Bonds can only be issued by professionally qualified and legally appointed men and women who are also given legal but limited powers of attorney as stipulated by the city, county or state that they may be representing, and as the case may be for you reading this right now. And so it goes too that in certain exceptional or extreme cases, men and women working for privately-funded companies like Acme Bail Bonds could be given (limited) authority to make arrests.

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But having said that, these would have to be under extreme circumstances although it could also be said that in much the same way that any law abiding citizen would wish to do if faced with such occurrences, bail bondsmen and women could still effect what is commonly known as citizen’s arrest. But the nature of making such arrests remain precarious at best. It would have to come down to common knowledge in the sense that there could be resistance to making such arrests.

And of course, what if that resistor just happens to be armed? Hence the need to carry legally registered firearms.